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Specialty Workshop FAQs

What is a progressive workshop?
A progressive workshop runs for ‘x’ weeks at a time, and clients may register online or in-studio for the workshop. The Speciality workshop will be of a specific genre of dance/fitness and each class will include the same number of participants each week who dive deeper into the technique and understanding on that specific genre.
Can I drop-in to the workshop?
We understand that clients may not be able to attend each class due to holiday or work life, so we have made exceptions for drop-ins.  Although it is not encouraged, as the class content will progress each week; drop-ins are possible.  The drop-in rate is $20 + tax and PUR Members who hold an unlimited membership on auto-pay receive an additional 15% OFF. *Clients may drop-in at their own discretion. The Class will progress as planned.
How do I book my drop-ins?
Please visit us in-studio or send us an email (support@purmovement.com) with the dates you would like to drop-in and we will make your reservations for you.
Will I be charged a no-show late cancelation for the progressive workshop?
If you are signed up for the full progressive workshop and happen to miss a class, you will not be charged additional fees as the class has already been paid for in advance.  If you have reserved a spot as a drop-in, you will be charged as if attended for any no-shows/late cancellations.
Can a class be made up?
Due to the fact that Specialty Workshops are not regularly scheduled classes there will be no makeups permitted.
How do I register for the Specialty Workshop?
There are 2 ways to register for the workshop.
1) Online: https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/admhome?studioid=26566 (as pictured)
 Specialty Workshops

2) In-studio, our Studio Happiness Team will be happy to help you!

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